A Whisky lover’s guide to enjoying a dram at home

Mar 11, 2020

Many of us have found ourselves enduring a bit of a change in routine and habits recently. Normal weekly activities of meeting friends to share a dram in a bar or visiting a local liquor store to browse, going along to a tasting event or visiting a festival has all seen some change

So, now we have to get a bit more creative. Depending on how you enjoy whisky, whether it’s to collect bottles, have a mid-week dram at home or meet friends at a bar – it now needs a bit more forward planning. Does your local liquor store deliver?

So, perhaps creating a group chat for friends to arrange gatherings or reschedule activities is the way forward.

At home socialising is seeing a spike and social media engagement has already jumped as people share their experiences.

As we are now ‘Lost at Home’ what theme shall we explore? Can you gather a group of friends and jump down the rabbit hole, create a whisky experience perhaps you wouldn’t have undertaken before? I guess time at home can make us more creative that way. Here’s 5 themes to explore:

  1. Regions – each guest brings a whisky from one Region and shares a story of that distillery.
  2. Vertical tasting – from one distillery each guest brings a bottle to explore ages of one brand.
  3. Pairing session – source some chocolates or cheese to pair and discover new favourites.
  4. Join our Facebook Live and other online ‘dram along’ experiences – expect more streaming events.
  5. Contact your local whisky store/bar to see what events they have planned.
  6. Whisky club gatherings can arrange directly with us a live stream tasting with Q&A.
  7. Blind tasting – use blindfolds, each bring a bottle and gamify your whisky tasting by trying to guess the mystery drams.
  8. Work on your home bar goals – research online an interesting bottling to add to your collection and share with friends

If you have more creative ideas to share or want us to get involved, please send us a note on our social media and we’ll see if we can help and together, we can be #LostatHome

Slàinte Mhath