Mother’s Day, the new Father’s Day for whisky lovers?

Mar 10, 2020

Mum’s like drams too. Long have we known the love of Scotch whisky for Father’s Day, but whisky appreciation is open to all, not a men’s only club. We are also seeing a push back from big retailers filling their shelves on Mother’s Day with cute and clichéd gifts.

Surely there’s more to mum’s than that?

Beyond the cliché of Prosecco & Gin, whisky is now a favourite choice for many women and some just so happen to be mothers. So, why not gift her what she loves?

However with so many styles of whisky where do you start the search? Of course, you can always ask her directly and notice her habits. But you could also just give her a fascinating little treat such as The Lost Distillery Discovery Selection, a whisky miniature gift set of 6 x 50ml. It’s like a selection box of drams, to find your favourite. And of course, if your mum happens to receive chocolates or fine cheese, we can recommend pairing suggestions for each, send us a note on social media or in the comments.

When it comes to style of whisky, so many complex flavours prevail and women’s noses can be more discerning, all styles are appreciated. Scent of perfumes and aromas act as a flavour bank to memories. Mum’s are dispelling age-old myths and stereotypes, so it’s time to spoil her and know what she likes.

The Scotch whisky industry has been built by families and our lost distilleries are no different. Whether it’s Stratheden, the Lowland Bonthrone family dynasty, 3 generations pioneering the malt trade, in Fife, whose relatives still live today in Australia. It feels like dark chocolate orange flavours with a tangy edge, perfect for aged cheese or sushi. Or in the far north Highland Caithness, where the Swanson family of Halkirk, who made Gerston whisky famous in 19th century London society – their family name is still strong in the area today. The tasting notes feel like salty caramel flavours, perfect for charcuterie or dark chocolate. There is a story of family within each expression.

The important thing for Mother’s Day is giving thanks, with a little slice of indulgence. So, if you need inspiration, share your thoughts with us.
We also recognise the Mums no longer with us today, they are always in our hearts.

Slàinte Mhath.

For Mum’s who like a cocktail: Try this twist on a Clover Club:

50ml Auchnagie Classic
25ml Lemon juice
15ml Raspberry syrup
Raspberries & an Egg White

METHOD – Dry shake all ingredients, then add ice, shake again, strain into a chilled coupe glass & garnish with raspberry skewer.