Legends Reborn.

Long-closed distilleries brought to life through a marriage of aged single malts to celebrate and protect Scotland’s Whisky Heritage.

Our Heritage

Whisky is a huge part of Scotland’s heritage and our culture, yet almost half our distilleries have now closed and become Lost Distilleries.

We protect and regenerate Scotland’s Whisky Heritage.

Whisky sampling


It takes years of ongoing research to understand distillery life and how each malt evolved through the centuries. Our Archivists connect with founding distillery workers, through the generations to define each unique Whisky and its story from the very beginning.

These pioneers are the founding fathers of Scotch Whisky. We craft a modern rebirth of Scotland’s whisky heritage. True to its roots, and brought back to life through a balance of science and art. With the original whisky character defined, we begin carefully breathing life back into the dram through the art of blending aged single malts.

It is a massive undertaking… but, it is our duty and our responsibility.

So, sit down, pour yourself a glass of history and just enjoy the journey. Slainte.

Bottle Range


Celebrating all of Scotland’s whisky producing regions and flavour profiles.



Our Brand Home

The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Estate, one of Scotland’s finest stately homes was saved for the nation by his Royal Highness Prince Charles in 2007.

The Lost Distillery Company is the sole business on this stunning 2,000 acre estate where the global team are based along with our bespoke Whisky Room.