Legends Reborn.

Long-closed distilleries brought to life by a marriage of fine aged single malts, celebrating the golden era of Scotch Whisky.

Our Heritage

At The Lost Distillery Company we believe it is a tragedy that over one hundred Scotch Whisky distilleries have been permanently closed during the last century.

Despite being renowned for their excellent quality malts, these distilleries were largely closed through the effects of war, prohibition, politics and the rise of mass production.

Whisky Blending

Archivist & Blending

Only once we find a lost distillery which made a quality malt of good reputation, do we start the archivist process.

Our head archivist spends months tirelessly researching each distillery. Reading through hundreds of historic documents, tax records and photographs to then scientifically guide a profile of how we believe each whisky would have tasted.

Every aspect of distillery life is researched, from water source to still shape, cask type and everything in between. Our whisky making team then use this to bring the flavour profile to life.


Celebrating all of Scotland’s whisky producing regions and flavour profiles.


Brand Home

The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Estate, one of Scotland’s finest stately homes was saved for the nation by his Royal Highness Prince Charles in 2007.

The Lost Distillery Company is the sole business on this stunning 2,000 acre estate where the global team are based along with our bespoke Whisky Room.